Saturday, 23 August 2014

Makeup Forever HD Foundation | The Classic

 For years now I have heard rave reviews about the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, and so whilst in Italy and a 5 minute walk away from a Sephora I thought I would finally give it a go.
I had high expectations about this foundation, but luckily it hasn't disappointed. 

I bought this foundation in the shade 115 Ivory which I find to be an exact match for my skin. I don't own any other foundation that perfectly matches my skin, so this already gave the MUFE foundation a big thumbs up.
I find it to be a medium consistency, not too thick but not too runny. This makes the foundation really easy and quick to blend into the skin.
The finish is very natural. It looks like skin. This is my favourite type of finish as it just looks undetectable which is perfect for everyday. It gives a light to medium coverage, helping to even everything out.
I also find this foundation to look really nice in photographs which is the main purpose of this foundation. It makes your skin look very smooth and even without masking it or looking cakey. 
The lasting power of this foundation is okay as it lasts about 6 hours or so before I begin to look oily. However, I am sure this could be improved with a good primer and setting powder.

Overall I am super impressed with this foundation. The colour match is perfect and it has the right finish and amount of coverage. The lasting power does let it down slightly, however I am sure this could be overcome.

Have you tried the Makeup Forever HD Foundation?