Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hello everyone,
Recently I was nominated by Rachel and Monica, who both have really great blogs, to do the Liebster Award. I know that I have done a couple of these in the past but it always means a lot to be nominated so I thought I would do it today.
I also wanted to say the biggest thank you to all of my lovely followers as I have just reached 100 followers today. This means so much to me and I really appreciate all of the support and lovely comments you guys give, so thank you so much!

But with that said, the 'rules' for the Liebster Award are that you must post 11 things about yourself, then answer the 11 questions set by your tagger, then you must create 11 questions for bloggers you tag with under 200 followers.

11 Facts about Me
1. I have 2 pets - a rabbit and a cat
2. I have a major sweet tooth
3. I am addicted to watching youtube videos and reading blogs
4. I really need to rein in my shopping habits
5. I love love love the tv show 90210. It's just one of the best!
6. I love eating
7. I hate going on planes
8. I would be over the moon happy if Tarte, Make Up Forever and Josie Maran came to the UK.
9. I love thunderstorms
10. I hate really hot or really cold weather
11. I love taking my time when doing my makeup

Questions from Rachel
1. What is your favourite make-up brand?
This is such a hard question but probably Bobbi Brown. I think their products are great quality and seem to work with my skin really well.
2.  ONE thing you can't live without?
Youtube, as I am addicted.
3. Skirts or dresses? 
Probably dresses as they're more versatile and easy to wear.
4. Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate?
100% milk.
5.  How would you describe your style?
I don't really know as sometimes I feel more girly, other times I feel dressing really casually, but I think in general I tend to lean towards simple classics.
6.  Who is your favourite youtuber?
For me that is the most hardest question as I love so many youtubers for different reasons. But to name a few out of about a hundred of my favourites, I love watching Tanya Burr, Zoe, Estee, Anna, Lily, Annie, Tyler, Grace, and Jack and Finn.
7.  Do you believe in stereotypes?
Erm I'm not really sure. I've never really thought about that.
8. Who would leave you starstruck if you met them on the street?
Any of the youtubers that I watch. It would be a dream to meet any of them!
9. Who do you idolize or want to be like? 
I wouldn't say I want to be like anyone really apart from myself, but I guess I do idolize the youtubers who I watch and the bloggers that I read as I think they all seem like genuinely lovely people and have such amazing personalities.

Questions from Monica
1. Eyeliner or Mascara?
2. In reality, do you wear makeup everyday?
I do as I always wear concealer under my eyes at least, unless I am really poorly and am in bed all day.
3. Are you persuing a career in the beauty industry? Or something completely different?
 At the moment I am still technically in school as I will be going to college to do my A-levels, but I am one of those people who like to have every part of their life planned, and so I would love to pursue a career in the beauty industry like in PR or marketing or something like that :)   
4. If you could be a celebrity for the day, who would you pick?
 I'm not too sure, maybe Beyonce?
5. Ulta or Sephora?
Well as I live in the UK, we don't have access to either Ulta or Sephora, but I have been in Sephora in New York so I would have to say Sephora. 
6. What is your favorite lipstick color?
I don't have an exact name of a colour, but I love light corals, peaches or pinks. 
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
 I would love to go to California and visit loads of places there.
8. Bright wardrobe or Neutrals?
 Probably neutrals as I prefer accessorizing with brighter colours or wearing a really bright, bold lip colour to brighten up a neutral outfit.
9. What is your favorite type of food?
 Anything sweet, but in particular I love cheesecake.
10. What is your favorite brand of clothing?
 I don't really have a favourite brand, but I do love Zara and Topshop.
11. What do you find most beautiful about yourself?
Ermm I'm not really sure, maybe my height and figure?

And I tag these lovely ladies..

My 11 questions for the bloggers I tag...
1. What was the last makeup or clothing item you bought?
2. Where would you most like to live in the world?
3. Do you have any pets?
4. Would you ever consider doing youtube videos?
5. What is your current favourite song?
6. What is you current favourite tv show?
7. What reminds you of home or your childhood?
8. What is your favourite shop or department store?
9. What would be your 'perfect' day?
10. Are you good at doing accents?
11. Lipstick, lipgloss or lipbalm?

So that is it for the Liebster Award. I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting to learn a little bit more about me!
Thank you again to Monica and Rachel for nominating me as it always means so much, and also again thank you so much for letting me hit 100 followers!
Thank you for reading,


  1. Congrats lovely questions and answers.

    Carrieanne x

  2. I love reading these posts. We for sure have something in common because I love eating, too. :) haha

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me! I love reading theses posts, they are such a good way to get to know more about people.

    Hannah x

    1. You're welcome! And it is really fun :) xx

  4. Thank-you for nominating me! I really liked reading your answers my favourite food is also cheesecake haha!

    Millie x

    1. You're welcome :) Thank you! Haha, it is just so tasty :) xx