Saturday, 27 July 2013

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush!

Hello everyone,
I hope you're all well.
Today I wanted to share with you the Real Techniques FIne Liner brush.
As an eyeliner newbie, I really wanted a fine but stiff brush that would easily apply my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in 'Violet Ink' as I wore it for my prom earlier in July.

As I am sure you guys know I am a massive fan of Real Techniques brushes and so was sure that this brush would not disappoint.
The Fine Eyeliner brush is, as I am sure you can all see, very fine. Mine is slightly splayed but it doesn't really affect the application of the eyeliner. 
The bristles are soft yet the brush itself is quite firm, making applying gel or cream eyeliner really easy, even for an eyeliner newbie.
It did take a few practices to get the hang of the brush and using it for gel eyeliner, but I find it to be excellent for applying it.
You can either use the brush on one side to get a really thin line, which is perfect for everyday, or slightly turn it to get a thicker line, which is perfect for a more dramatic look.
I find it to wash really easily, and with all Real Techniques brushes that I have tried, the general quality of the brush is amazing.

If you are an eyeliner newbie or are looking for a new cream or gel eyeliner brush, I would highly recommend the Real Techniques Fine Liner brush. 
For £6.99 from Boots, I think this brush is so worth it and is a staple in my collection!

I hope you found this review helpful and thank you for reading,


  1. I was scared of this one because of how the bristles seem to stick out! But obviously it doesn't make a difference so that's good :)

    Annie |

    1. Luckily it works really well and is so good at applying eyeliner thickly or thinly :) xx

  2. I didn't know that Real Techniques did an eyeliner brush, might need to check it out! That's so good that it doesn't affect the eyeliner even though it's a bit splayed, I hate it when brushes do that.

    Hannah x

    1. I was so happy when I saw it as I love Real Techniques :) xx

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Brittany, xx