Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Juicy Papaya'

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After owning one of the Revlon lip butters (review HERE), I thought I would never buy one again. I had such mixed feelings about them, and that simply the colour selection, price and formula put me off. 
However, when I saw that they were releasing new summer colours that I believe are limited edition, I knew I had to take a look. 
Once at Boots I fell in love with the new shade 'Juicy Papaya'. Despite my earlier disappointment, 'Juicy Papaya' seemed like the perfect summer coral colour, which I love, and so I went ahead and bought it. 

So the Revlon lip butters are basically a tinted lip balm. At £7.99 I do still think they're overpriced, but that didn't put me off this colour.
As my lips are already quite pigmented, it can be hard to appreciate the shade. However, I find on me 'Juicy Papaya' is that perfect mix of coral and pink. I am totally in love with this lipstick, so much so that I am determined to buy another one.
I think this colour is more than perfect for spring/summer, and would look gorgeous on anyone.
I also think the formula is surprisingly good. I find it to be hydrating whilst lasting a good 3 hours before fading. The application is really smooth as well, and it has a lovely finish.

I am so over the moon with this lip butter, and cannot urge you enough to swatch this in your local drugstore. The other colours available as part of the limited edition range were also really nice.
I do want to pick up another one of these, because although I haven't had this long I can't bear the thought of running out. Strange? I know!

Let me know if you have picked up any of the new colours from the Revlon lip butters and what you think of them!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please leave a comment down below as I love to hear what you guys think!
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  1. This shade looks great! I have berry smoothie but im not that keen!


  2. I really love it! Ohh thats a shame :/ Perhaps check out the new shades as they're all really nice :) xx