Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Make Up Forever HD High Definition Concealer in '305 Porcelain'!

Hello Everyone,
After my recent trip to Paris I managed to purchase a couple of things. I was very excited about the fact they had a Sephora, and so whilst I was there I thought I might as well pick something up seeing as we don't have Sephora over here. Make Up Forever was one of the few brands the French Sephora did that we can't get in the UK, and so I was very tempted into trying out a product of theirs, seeing as we can't get it here.
After swatching (and lusting!) over several of their products, I decided to try and their High Definition concealer. I hadn't heard much about this product, but decided to give it a go and hope for best!

The colour is picked up was the lightest colour - '305 Porcelain', as usually concealer can be too dark for me. The shade '305' has quite neutral undertones, so can be used anywhere where you want concealing really. The next shade up, '310 Pink Porcelain', has much pinker undertones.
So beforehand you can clearly see a lot of darkness under my eyes and a couple of blemishes and redness around my nose. However, once I applied the concealer under my eyes, on my eyelids and the remaining around my nose, you can see just how much it has evened out my skin, brightened my under eye area, and how it has cancelled out any redness.
I would say it offers a medium coverage like it claims, but without looking or feeling heavy and cakey.
The consistency is really nice as it isn't too thin, but it's not too thick either. It also blends really nicely, and once set with powder, doesn't crease.
The colour '305' is amazing for fair skin. I sometimes find it hard to find concealers that are light enough, but this is perfect. 
The longevity of this concealer is also really good. From applying it at 8am this morning to when I got home at 4pm, it still looked pretty much how it started 8 hours before.

On the whole I really cannot complain about this concealer, it's amazing! 
It covers any dark circles, redness or blemishes really well without looking cakey.
It comes in 14 shades which I think is very impressive, especially for a concealer, and the consistency and blendability is really nice. 
It also lasts all day and once set with powder, doesn't crease.

I purchased this for €25.50 which is about £21 so pricey but for me it is worth it :) 
The only problem is that Make Up Forever is incredibly hard to get in the UK, but if you can get your hands on it, I would highly recommend this concealer!

Please let me know if you have tried this concealer and what you think of it!

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  1. Look like a great concealer :)


  2. This looks lovely (: