Sunday, 31 March 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation!

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Happy Easter! I hope you all are having a fun day and are enjoying some delicious chocolate!

A couple of months ago I got a sample of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation (hence why there is no photo of the packaging etc), as I had heard so many people rave about it. I was so happy I was able to get a sample because at £33 it is not something you want to buy and then find out it doesn't actually work for you. 

The lady at the Laura Mercier counter was super friendly and helpful. She matched me up to the shade 'soft ivory', which is the lightest shade. It is a very good match as I think it has quite a neutral undertone. I do think they could have gone lighter with the shade range, as as it stands I'm not sure the shades would suit very fair skin tones.
Laura Mercier describe this foundation  as;
"A rich and luminous foundation offering full coverage while hydrating and protecting the skin. The long-wearing foundation evens out skin tones and increases skin luminosity and clarity for a radiant glow. Its rich, creamy texture glides over the skin effortlessly giving you ample playtime for perfect application and blendability. Perfect for rosacea and hard to cover pigmentation. Oil-free and ideal for all skin types."
From the before and after pictures you can see just how well this foundation covers. I would say it is a medium-full coverage like Laura Mercier claim, and that it evens out skin tone really well. 
The tiniest amount of this foundation goes very far, and it is also really easy to blend. 
I love the finish of this foundation, as it does give you a sort of radiance, but without feeling oily. 
It also lasts really well on my combination/oily skin, and covers things like blemishes and redness amazingly. Although is has a very thick and creamy texture, it doesn't feel that heavy or cakey on the skin, which is another plus point.
Below you can see it with my finished makeup.
For me this foundation is excellent for special occasions/going out, as I find it can look a bit too much for everyday wear. That said, if you only wanted a light coverage for everyday, you could apply the tiniest amount and just blend it in to where you want a bit of coverage. 

I do think this is really good foundation and would highly recommend it as I think it would suit so many different people. I am tempted into buying it, but at £33 I am going to wait and see if I find anything else. 
In the meantime I am happily going to use what is left of my sample!

Have you tried the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation?

really hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please leave a comment down below as I love to hear what you think!
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  1. People are always raving about this but the price is ridiculous!

    1. It is very good but I agree, the price puts me off! xx