Friday, 29 March 2013

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream!

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Happy Friday! I hope you're all looking forward to the Easter Weekend!
Today I wanted to share with you the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. 
I got this for my birthday a couple of months ago, and have been using it everyday since. It is the big 200ml size as it was on special offer at £25 at the time. 

Clarins claim this product will "soften hands" and protect them against the "drying effects of the sun, cold weather and hard water". They also say the cream will help "condition and strengthen nails". 
The cream itself has a thick consistency, but still absorbs really fast whilst leaving your hands soft and smooth. I find that it doesn't leave my hands sticky, or feeling like they have really heavy cream on. The cream does have a different scent to it, but I personally quite like it. It is really hard to describe though because it's not floral or sweet, but to me it sort of smells like something they use in a spa or for manicures! 
As for the claim of conditioning and strengthening nails, I can't say I have really seen much difference to my nails. Throughout Winter the skin around my nails gets really dry and my actual nails are much weaker, but unfortunately even though I have used this cream, they have still been the same. 
I also find after washing my hands and being outside in the cold the moisturising feeling doesn't really last which is a shame.

Overall though, I do like this cream. It has a nice texture and absorbs really fast, whilst still leaving your hands soft and smooth. It's a shame that for me it doesn't live up to its claim of 'conditioning and strengthening' the nails, and it is also annoying how the moisturising feeling doesn't last. 
The 100ml bottles of this hand cream are £20, which I do think is expensive. But if you are wanting to splash out on a hand cream I would still recommend it. 

Have you tried the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream?

I really hope you enjoyed this review. Please leave a comment down below as I love to hear what you think!
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