Friday, 12 October 2012

My Favourite Autumn/Fall Nail Polishes!

Hi Everyone!
Happy Friday! Hope you're all well. Today I wanted to do a post on my favourite Autumn/Fall nail polishes. These are just my picks for what I will be wearing throughout the colder months. I am really sorry if you can no longer get some of the colours, however I am sure there will be many dupes in replacement. 
First up is the 17 Fast Finish nail polish in 'Smokey Marble'. I really love this colour as it is unlike many of the colours I already own. I would describe it has a steel colour with a beautiful blue shimmer running throughout it. The formula is good too; It dries quickly and is pretty opaque. 
Next is another 17, this time a Lasting Fix nail polish in 'Midnight Sapphire'. I love this colour. It is a gorgeous deep, royal blue with extremely faint shimmer. Again the formula is pretty good.
I had to include Essie's 'Bahama Mama'. I got this in June after falling instantly in love with it, and now there is also the current buzz on Youtube and blogs about it being the perfect Autumn colour. The camera is actually making it appear much more pink, in really life it has more of a plum tone to it. I love this colour so much as I think it would go with a lot of different skin tones. I really like Essie nail polishes as well as they last a good few days and the brush size is not too big nor too small.
Another one from 17, this time the colour is 'Ruby Gem'. Again the camera is making it appear much more red, in real life it is a deeper colour and not quite so bright. It also has no shimmer to it. I really love this colour as it is perfect if you are a bit unsure about wearing full on bright red and want something a little less 'in your face'. I love wearing this around Christmas time as it is very festive and jolly.
Lastly for 17 nail polishes is a High Gloss one in 'Wicked'. I thought I would include this colour as it is more purple than Essie's Bahama Mama but less pink then Ruby Gem. On the paper it doesn't do much, but in real life it has shimmers of blue and pink and is a really nice deep purple. 
Lastly is a colour for those who aren't as keen on such deep and bright colours. This is by Catrice Cosmetics and is in the colour '050 Moulin Rouge Light'. It is a very nice subtle colour which I do think is great all year round. However, for Autumn/Fall I think it is a really beautiful, nude colour. 

That wraps up my favourite Autumn/Fall nail polishes. The swatches really don't do any of the colours justice so I do apologize for that, I just wanted you though to have a rough idea of what they're like. 
Please tell me what your favourite Autumn/Fall nail polishes are as I am always on the hunt for new colours. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Claire x


  1. great picks for fall i usually love plum & red colors for fall :) great blog btw! new follower


    1. Thank you :)

      Loving your blog also, just followed!
      Claire xx