Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Why Do You Wear Make-Up TAG!

Hello Everyone!
Today I want to do the why do you wear make-up tag!
I saw this from the creators of the tag; Sammi (BeautyCrush) and Louise (Sprinkleofglitter), and also Erica (Abundance of Erica) who did the tag. 
I thought it looked really fun and so I am going to do it today.

1. When Did You Begin Using Make-Up?
I am quite ashamed to say that I began wearing make-up when I was about 12. At the start of high school, I made a new group of friends who were already into make-up, and so of course I felt like I should be wearing make-up too and so went out to Boots and bought the Max Factor Natural Mineral Foundation. I didn't know anything about make-up and ended up getting a shade way too dark for me, yet I still wore the foundation for about a year. After a year or so I started to slowly discover liquid foundation, powder, concealer, blush etc and even to this day, I still suffer from breakouts due to my lack of knowledge about what products to use.

2. How Do You Feel Without Make-Up?
I would love to say that I feel fine without make-up, but sadly that is not true. Even if I am just staying at home with my family, I still wear concealer under my eyes to make me feel more awake. I probably will always wear something everyday, unless I am ill, as it makes me feel more confident and I feel more like 'myself' if that makes any sense. 
I always find though that if I see other people with no make-up, I always think they still look beautiful. However, when it comes to myself, I am always I harsher critique. 

3. What Do You Like About Make-Up?
For me, I love applying make-up. I don't know if that is a bit odd, but I always look forward to sitting down of a morning and applying my make-up. I have a passion for make-up and would love to do it as a career, despite the fact I am not the best at applying it. 
Like I said before, I also like it because it does make me feel more confident, and I find you can always rely on make-up to make you feel better about yourself if you are having a bad skin day etc.

4. Three Holy Grail Items?
1. Concealer: For me, I am ok to wear concealer by itself because you can cover any problem areas like dark circles, blemishes, redness etc. I would probably choose it over foundation because although you can get full coverage foundations, I wouldn't really want that all over my face everyday.
2. Blush: I love blush as it can add a pop of colour or a warmth to your face. There are so many types of blushes and colours to choose from and I just think it is a great multi-purpose item.
3. Lip Balm: This may be a bit random, but I always use lip balm. I use it underneath lipstick and lipgloss and at night before I go to bed. It is a must for me.

So that is the tag, I hope you enjoyed it. I tag ALL OF YOU!
Leave a link down below if you too decide to do it.
Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time.

Claire xxx


  1. Great answers, I loved reading yours! I love how I'd pick foundation over concealer and you're the opposite :) Goes to show how different the beauty community is lol!! And thanks for the shoutout!


    1. Aw thank you, that is really sweet :) I know it is interesting, but thats why I love it, everybody has their own styles, views, likes/dislikes etc.....
      And you're very welcome.

      Claire xxx