Saturday, 11 August 2012

Review: Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment

Hi Everyone!
Recently in my Oasis online order package came a sample pack of the Tresemme Split Remedy collection. 
I was not expecting this but thought I would give it a go as I tend to suffer from bad split ends, and I thought it would be good to try a different shampoo as I have been using my L'Oreal Elvive Nutrigloss for a long time now. 

In the pack came a 10ml shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment, to use in conjunction with eachother. I was quite excited to use this to see the results. 

The Tresemme website describe the whole collection as;

"There's nothing like freshly-cut hair to add a spring to your step, but over time split ends can make your hair look frizzy and dull. Introducing Tresemmé Split Remedy. The revolutionary Reconstructing Complex repairs up to 80% of the splits you have in just three uses - try Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner together or any other product in the line - and with regular use keeps working to help prevent new split ends from occurring and visibly maintain repair. So you can now retain the look & feel of a salon fresh-cut for longer"

In the collection there is the shampoo and conditioner, and also the leave-in treatment, intense recovery masque and a sealing serum. I think there is a good variety in the range which means everybody could find something to suit them.

The Shampoo
Tresemme website; "This light, moisturising formula gently cleanses and restores to keep hair healthy and manageable.Gentle enough for daily use, your hair is left refreshed and revitalised"

The little sample of the shampoo unfortunately only lasted me about 1 1/2 washes, on the second wash I had to use a small amount of my L'Oreal to make sure my hair was completely clean. However, when I first used it the first thing I noticed was the smell was really nice and clean. It reminded me of a salon. It lathered very well and left me hair feeling very clean but not striped from it's natural oils. 
I can't say what it did by itself as I used the other products with it, but overall it is a really nice shampoo which I would recommend and buy again.

The Conditioner
Tresemme website; "Smoothes and restores manageability without weighing the hair down. The unique formula mends up to 80% of split ends and visibly maintains repair with regular use to leave your hair noticeably smoother with frizz free healthy looking ends."

The conditioner has lasted me several washes as I only used a small amount for the mid-end lengths of my hair, as I like to avoid getting my roots too oily.
It again had the same, really nice scent. It made my hair feel very soft and healthy and it didn't take ages to wash out.

The Leave-In Treatment
Tresemme website: "Protect your hair from the damaging effects of styling including breakage, frizz and dryness with this lightweight leave-in formula. It works to restore moisturisation and softness to repair up to 80% of split ends, leaving your hair visibly smoother and shiny looking."

When I read the instructions for the leave-in treatment I was quite surprised when it told you that you apply it to damp hair and then not wash it out. I was quite unsure and imagined it would leave my hair looking greasy. But I did what it said, I applied a small amount to the ends of hair and let it dry naturally. 
  It did not leave my hair looking greasy at all, which I was really happy about. I actually love the fact you don't have to wash it out as I find it such a pain having to wash out deep conditioners as if you don't get it all out then they will leave your hair looking oily.

Overall I am really impressed with the products I have tried from the range. Although I only used all 3 products together two times, it left my hair looking noticeably healthier, softer and less frizzy, especially at the ends of my hair. I also love how none of these products weighed down my hair.
I am due a haircut very soon and so at the moment my split ends are very bad. I cannot say that the products repaired many of my split ends but it did leave my ends less frizzy. However, I believe if you were to use these products from when you have a haircut, then the number of split ends you get will be reduced.
I also love the fact that despited all the conditioning, my hair didn't get any more oily or weighed down than if I were to just use my L'Oreal shampoo by itself.

I do want to purchase the full size products as I am impressed. I would definitely purchase the shampoo and leave-in conditioner as I think they were my two favourite products. However, I would recommend all 3 products to anybody who suffers from bad split ends.

Sorry for such a long post but I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.
Please let me know down below if you have used any products from this range and don't forget to follow as it would make my day.

Thank you.

Claire xxx


  1. Thanks for the review! :) I'm definitely going to try it out soon. x

    1. I'm glad I could help. I hope you like it as much as I do :) x

  2. How do you get all your samples?x

    1. Oasis just sent this with my online order :)

      Claire x