Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Wishlist #2

Hi Everyone!
Today I wanted to quickly share with you my current wishlist!
I personally love seeing other people's wishlists as it gives me ideas for my own.

First of all is the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre, or in other words their Natural Finish Loose powder. I have seen amazing reviews about this powder, and they have all made me want this powder even more! At £34 though I am currently waiting for Christmas, however I saw on the Chanel website that this is Limited Edition - if you know anything about this then please let me know down below as I will buy it before they discontinue it! 

Next up are two Essie nail polishes. The first one I would like is Fiji (left picture) as I think it looks like a beautiful clean colour. I would also love Cute as a Button (right picture) as it looks like a gorgeous pink/coral colour. 

After buying a Revlon lip butter which disappointed me quite a lot, I would really like to try out the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lip balms in Dating Coral, Tempting Lilac, Lovely Rose and Fashionista Pink to compare. 

Next is the Origins Super Spot Remover. Again I have heard great things about this product and would like to give it a whirl. 

And last but by no means least is the Good Things Stay Clear cleanser. I have seen many good reviews about the brand and so would like to try out a few things from them, particularly this cleanser. 

So that rounds up my current wishlist, a couple of the items on my first wishlist still stand but I thought I would show you some different products today. 
Please leave the link down below if you too have done a new wishlist or if you can recommend any of the products above.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Claire xxx


  1. I own the Chanel powder, and to be quite frank, the Bare Minerals loose powder works just amazingly than this one does (if not easier to work with). The price is a lot cheaper as well, so if you're looking for a slightly lower-end dupe, go for Bare Minerals. :)



  2. Thank you for the recommendation.. the mineral veil from them was on my previous wishlist so I will look into that again.

  3. i would love everything off here :) i really recommend fiji, it's beautitful :)

    you left a blog comment asking about the L'oreal oil and i haven't tried it yet, but really really want to! x

    1. I saw your blog post on it and thought it looked really nice :)

      Thats ok, if you do get it and do a review on it i'll be sure to read it xxx

  4. Interesting post! <3
    I plan to buy Essie nail polishes too :)


    1. You should they're really good nail polishes x

  5. I'm planning on buying an essie nail polish but i have to see which shade i wouldn't get bored of quickly as they're quite expensive :(

    1. They're pricey but I think they're very good :) It depends if you like darker colours or lighter colours, but as we are going into Autumn/Winter, you may prefer a darker colour. They have a massive range of colours and I am sure you can test a couple out in-store so you know you definitely like it :)

      Claire x