Thursday, 26 July 2012

How To Clean Make-Up Brushes!

Hi Everyone!
Today I want to show you how I clean my make-up brushes.
I like to deep clean my brushes 1-2 times a week - depending on how often I use them. It's really important to clean your brushes regularly to get rid off excess bacteria, oil and (old) make-up, especially if, like me, you suffer from spots.
I love using the Johnson's Baby Shampoo as it cleans them very well, makes them all really soft and is really inexpensive!

So lets crack on!
L to R: Real Techniques Powder brush, Buffing brush, Stippling brush and Contour brush, Sigma Large Angled Contour brush F40 and Mac 217.
As you can see, my brushes are pretty dirty from the use of everyday make-up.
To show you how I like to wash my brushes, I'll be using my Sigma Large Angled Contour brush F40, which I use for my blush, as an example due to the fact you can see the pink colour from my different blushes very well.
First, with warm water I wet my brush. I wet it facing downwards, so the water doesn't wet the glue and cause the brush to shed. This also prevents the bristles from becoming splayed.
Then I like to squirt out a 2p sized amount of the Johnson's shampoo into my palm. I then take my brush and dap it into the shampoo, keeping it faced down.
I then circle the brush around my palm to work in the shampoo. You should notice your brush getting clean at this point.
Once I have done that, I rinse my brush in warm water to get all of the shampoo out.

I repeat this method on all my brushes. 
They will look a bit odd when they're all wet. But don't worry! Whilst they're still wet, get them back into the shape you want them to be in and let them dry naturally.
A word of warning, it's best to dry your make-up brushes on a towel which you have rolled at one end so that your brushes dry at an angle, pointing down. This is so the water doesn't get down to the root of the bristles where it will wet the glue and make your brushes shed.

Once they're dry, they should look like this...
My brushes take about 5 hours to all completely dry. Yours may vary, depending on the size and density of your brushes.
As you can see, they're all much cleaner and ready to be used!

To show you my 'before' Sigma brush....
And now 'after' it has been cleaned and dried.....

So it is easy to see just how important it is to clean your make-up brushes. I recommend a mild shampoo like the Johnson's one which will not damage the bristles. 
You can also use a mild conditioner if you want your brushes to be extra soft!

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post helpful!
Claire xxx

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