Sunday, 24 June 2012

No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I want to do another review for you - It is the No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara which retails for £13. My Mum gave this to me as she spent £25 or more on No7 in Boots recently and so got a free gift (the offer is still on so I would check out your local Boots if you can!). The gift itself contained a mini tinted moisturiser, a lipgloss, a serum, a body wash and this mascara and she was kind enough to give me the mascara - Thank you Mum!
First of all the packaging is quite a sleek design - a metallic purple colour with gold writing along the side. I personally really like it as I think it looks quite classy and high end. 

The brush is quite an interesting design - like most of the No7 mascaras! It is dipped in the middle so when you apply it, it coats all your lashes. This is what the Boots website say about this product:

"The aptly named Exquisite Curl Mascara has a curved brush, tailored to enhance curl and volume. The unique formula with curl-setting polymer helps keep lashes lifted throughout the day. The result? It curls lashes by up to 90 degrees. Eyes look more open and lashes extended from root to tip – get ready to va va voom!"

Ok, so these are my poor lashes with no mascara. They are sparse, short and seem to go straight out with no natural curl in them. They are brown in colour so I usually go for mascaras in the colour brown but as this was in a gift set, I could only have it in black!

 However, with just one coat of the mascara my lashes look instantly better and my eyes look bigger and brighter. Although it is not the most high impact mascara, I like a natural look to the lashes - The mascara gives them a bit more length and a slight curl. 
I was though a bit disappointed with the product. I don't think it claimed to do as well as I thought it would as I thought it would give a much better curl to my lashes. 
However, it does last throughout the day without flaking and isn't too clumpy.
For £13 I would say give it a whirl (luckily mine was free thanks to my Mum), but I won't be purchasing it myself. I prefer my Natural Collection LashLength mascara for only £1.99. (Click HERE for the review on it)
If you have tried it, what do you think about it?

Thats is for my quick review, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or requests, please leave them down below! Oh and don't forget to follow :)
Thank you, 
Claire xx

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