Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Make-Up Collection!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all well today! I want to share with you my make-up collection as I always find it interesting to see how other people store their make-up. I am not trying to show off about my make-up, all I hope is that you guys find it interesting and maybe get some inspiration if you are looking for a new way to store your make-up. With that said, lets crack on!
 Ok so this is where I keep my make-up. I got this drawer set from WHSmith for £16.99 and just love it. It has 2 large drawers on the top and bottom, then 2 smaller drawers in the middle. I also love the pattern and elegance of this drawer set. 
On the top I have a mirror and a mini plastic drawer set for keeping my hair bobbles and bobby pins etc.
So in the first top drawer I keep my powders and concealers. I have powders from Rimmel, Maybelline and Essential Therapy, my Extra Dimension highlighter from Mac (Click HERE for the review) and concealers from Mac, Collection 2000 and Essential Therapy.   
In the left hand side, middle drawer I keep all my eye products. I'm not big on eye products but do have a couple of mascaras from Natural Collection and No7, an eyeshadow palette from Collection 2000 and eyeliners etc.
In the middle drawer on the right, I keep all my lip products. I have my lip balms from Mac and Korres, lipsticks from Mac, Chanel and Revlon and lip glosses from Sephora and Maybelline all in here.
Finally in the large bottom drawer, I keep my foundations from Mac and Clinique and a range of blushes from NARS, Tarte, Clinique, Essential Therapy, No7, Maybelline and finally NYC - as you can tell I love my blushes!
I keep my make-up brushes in a pot which I think is from Selfridges. I mainly have the Real Techniques brushes because I LOVE them. I also have the Sigma Large Angled Contour Brush F40 and the Mac 217 brush.

Ok guys that was just a brief tour of my make-up collection. I hope you found it interesting and maybe gave you some ideas for your own! I do highly recommend these drawer sets from WHSmiths as they hold quite a few things, look nice and are just generally really practical. Leave me the link to your make-up collection down below as I would love to see it!
Thank you for reading.
Claire x

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